What gets in the way of being your best self?


Do you:

  • notice yourself being highly critical of yourself or others?
  • tend to overthink situations, losing track of your own gut feeling?
  • not feel accepted as you are?
  • want a place to talk about difficult things to someone who won’t judge you?
  • want to improve relationships with friends and loved ones?
  • want to improve your relationship with yourself?



Any of these are great reasons to seek out a therapist, but it can be hard to know how to start.  Asking for help is hard; we are told that we should be self-reliant.  But everyone has a time (or two, or three…) where they are confronted with not having all the answers, or not feeling in control of their lives.  I respect you for admitting where you are at, and I would love to accompany you on a path of discovery and growth.  It starts with an email or a phone call.




Call me at (510) 761-8477 or email michaelmaclafferty@gmail.com to request a free phone consultation.